Organics, Sustainability and non-GMO

Sanctuary Organics is committed to responsible cultivation practices.  We are very diligent at ensuring we source our products from farms which employ sustainable farming practices.

Responsible farming starts with proper soil management, crop rotation and/or crop integration, and the use of only natural fertilizers.   We strongly oppose factory farming or the reliance on chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other chemical use.   Through our network we evaluate farmers for their farming practices.    We support organic products, or fruit produced organically and sustainably but without the full certification.   Often these are smaller family farms, extremely responsible in their cultivation practices, but without the resources for full certifications.

Our testing processes ensure the products were grown, harvested and processed according to our specifications, resulting in the purest fruit powders available without contaminants.

Sanctuary Organics strongly opposes genetically modified organisms (GMO).   We support organizations which raise awareness against these products.  For more information on our position, or for resources, please contact us.